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Shih Tzus

Ch. Gold' n 'Delicious of Rossvale

Our 1st Shih Tzu, purchased from Roy & Brenda Lewis ( Shirwen) , Tilly was a great character, and we were smitten with the breed . She was very arrogant in the ring , and had a habit of staring at the judges as if daring them not to place her . She was famous for winning the races , at the Shih Tzu Gatherings , held at the lovely house and grounds of Mrs Gay Widdrington , in the 1980s. Amongst her many wins , we were very proud that she was awarded the CC from Mrs Widdrington , at the Manchu  Ch. Sh. in 1985.

Tilly , won 5 CCs and 3 res CCs. From her 1st litter we kept a boy, Rossvale Han-Sum-Hero , who won 1CC and 1res CC , but unfortunately did,nt like showing, and another boy , Rossvale Gold’n’Dragon went to Norway to Borres & Petr  Hasle ,of the Boreas Shih Tzus , and became a Champion there . We were devastated when Tilly,s life was tragically cut short at 8 yrs , and we missed her greatly , and still do !
Ch. Rossvale Gold 'n' Dragon , with Petr Hasle.
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